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Registered Massage Therapist and Clinic Owner

Hi! I've been an RMT since 2017, I worked in 3 massage clinics and 1 physiotherapy office before moving back to Morden and starting my own practice.
I am passionate about working with my clients to build a treatment plan that helps achieve their treatment goals whether its pain relief, to de-stress or just to spend an hour relaxing. Through my education I developed an interest in the complexity of the myofascial system of the body; which lead me into my first continuing education course of myofascial cupping. I have now also travelled to Edmonton to expand my cupping knowledge to add facial cupping as well. 
When I am not at work I am likely spending time with my husband and our two dogs, looking for our next road trip destination.
I look forward to meeting you and joining your wellness team! 



Registered Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

I graduated from Wellington College and have been an RMT since 2021. I have wanted to be able to help people since early childhood, and when I found massage therapy it was the perfect fit.

In my free time I can be found weaving, reading, and volunteering at Katie Cares. I am also an aunt to eight rowdy kids who steal my heart on a regular basis.

Wellington College taught me so much about the human body and how to assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunction of the body. I am trained in therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology. My goal with my clients is to get to the root of what is causing them pain, help improve their quality of life, and phase them out of needing regular treatment from me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you in your wellness journey.




Registered Massage Therapist

Hi, my name is Ayla.  I come from a small family and grew up in rural southern Manitoba.  I have been an RMT since January 2021. 

I went to school for Massage Therapy in Brandon at Robertson College. I am looking forward to being in a small town again and becoming part of the Morden community. 

I am excited to be a part of the Bhavva Wellness team and am looking forward to meeting new clients and friends, as well as developing a good foundation of relationships to build on and grow.


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Licenced Acupuncturist

Ji has been practicing acupuncture in Canada since 2009. 
In her free time she enjoys playing tennis and biking with her husband.



Reflexology Therapist, Microscopic Blood Analyst, Nutrition Consultant

After taking my training in Foot Reflexology through the Reflexology Association of Canada, I pursued a certification in Holistic Nutrition specializing in Sports Nutrition at Alive Academy in British Columbia. Following this, I furthered my training and became certified in Live Microscopic Blood Analysis through Neogenesis Medical Systems. Since then I've also trained in Reproductive Reflexology to better support my fertility clients & those working towards better menstrual cycles & hormone balance.
I believe that health is process and could also involve other necessary practices in order to reach optimal health. But no matter what, I believe that you should not have to do this alone. 





Miranda is taking care of casual reception duties. 
She is currently a student at Morden Collegiate Institute.
Outside of school she is busy most of the year playing hockey or fastpitch.
She also enjoys being with her dog, Fiji.

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Registered Massage Therapist

I enjoy helping others in their health and wellness journey by understanding the anatomy of the human body and osteopathic basis on which Wellington College teaches its students. Because of the teaching I received, I am able to educate my clients on how their muscles work and how they affect different reactions in their body.

When I am not working, I enjoy riding motorcycle, spending time with my family and friends, reading, baking and looking for continuing education courses to expand my knowledge in this wonderful new career. In the future I would like to learn more about lymphatics and massage treatment for lymphedema and other cancer related issues as well as other modalities. 

I enjoy working with my clients by helping them with pain relief, relaxation, stress relief and self care. I would love to work with you by using therapeutic massage, deep tissues massage, swedish massage or hot stone massage. 

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