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Bhavva Wellness Centre is a big dream turned into reality. This dream began in 2020 when the name "Bhavva Wellness Centre" was born. From there we reached out to a local business to create our brand. 

Bhavva Wellness Centre started as a single room rented in the back of a salon with one therapist, since then we have moved to our own clinic where we offer 3 spacious clinic rooms shared with our 4 Registered Massage Therapists and acupuncturist, each with their own additional training. Some additional services that our RMT's provide are: Reiki, Cupping Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage and many more, see our services page for full a service list with more details. 

Each of our clinic rooms are equipped with warmers on the massage tables, warm lighting to create an inviting and relaxing space and speakers wired into each room to limit clutter and avoid the need for electronics in the treatment rooms. Our massage tables are fitted with hygienic coverings over the table warmers and table padding for extra sanitation practices, and fresh cozy sheets and blankets for each patient.

We are planning to expand into the wellness retail to be an exclusive retailer of top of the line wellness products that our therapists already recommend to our patients. 

Start focusing on you, your wellness is our top priority. Contact us today to book your next appointment with one of our highly sought after therapists. 

Our Clinic: Our Clinic
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