Myofascial Cupping Massage

     Myofascial cupping helps to treat soft tissue conditions, musculoskeletal tension and pain by creating a negative pressure (or suction) on the skin using plastic cups. This pulls underlying tissues, blood and other fluids close to the surface of the skin. This can also create relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Cupping helps the body flush out toxins by bringing them to the surface. 



     There are many forms of cupping, here we use silicone cupping and plastic cups. Both of these forms create negative pressure and pull the skin and fascia into the cups. Silicone cupping is slightly more gentle than plastic however both are applied based on your tissue. 

     With cupping massage the treatment will begin with Swedish massage techniques, followed by the cups being applied, generally cups won't be left on for longer than 10-15 minutes. Treatment will end with Therapeutic massage

Prices (+GST):
90 Minutes: $105.00
60 minutes: $75.00
45 Minutes: $60.00
30 Minutes: $45.00