Facial Cupping Massage

     Facial cupping much like myofascial cupping is applied with a negative pressure to separate the deeper layers of tissues. 

     Facial cupping increases blood circulation, strengthens skin and connective tissues, relaxes muscle tension and relieves sinuses and headaches. Even though our facial muscles are always active with everyday activities we often over look these muscles during basic massages. 

Because of these effects the practice of regular facial cupping has been known to brighten skin, minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, tone the chin and jawline decreases puffiness by helping with lymph drainage, and regulates oil production and product absorption. 


     These cups are glass with a silicone ball on top to adjust the amount of suction. With this type of cupping application the cups are never left in one area for longer than 10 seconds, this ensures that no "cupping marks" are left and to leave the integrity of the skin of the face as this skin is more delicate that other areas of the body. 

     I start with larger cups over the collar bone and along the neck as a form of lymph drainage before beginning my work on the face. There are many sizes of cups that will be used throughout the treatment in order to address specific areas of the face and around the eyes. 

     I will treat both sides of the face in a balanced way and finish the treatment with a hot and cold stone flush. This is to help to get the blood flowing again and acts as a rejuvenating treatment. 


These are my own results after only one session of self applied facial cupping for about 10 minutes. 

The results after a session that short are subtle but you can see that my skin is brighter under my eyes and the lines on my forehead have decreased. 

Prices (+GST):
90 Minutes: $105.00
60 minutes: $75.00
45 Minutes: $60.00
30 Minutes: $45.00